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Protect your personal information from theft and abuse. We do NOT call our members for credit or checking account information. DO NOT provide checking or credit information to any caller identifying themselves as our representative. We NEVER require a checking account number in order to send you your Health Systems Insurance Card.

If you believe you are being contacted by a someone trying to acquire your personal or financial information, DO NOT give it to them. Write down the caller's name and phone number, if you have it, and contact the police and your financial institution(s). If you have doubts about a call you believe to be from our company, call our Customer Service staff.

Remember, DO NOT give any personal, checking or credit information to an unsolicited caller.

Your Information is Protected

At UPR Employes Health Systems follows all federal and state laws that protect the privacy of your medical records and personal health information. UPREHS keeps your personal health information private as protected under these laws.

It is the policy of Union Pacific Railroad Employes Health Systems (UPREHS) to protect your medical and personal information.

UPREHS will not release your personal information or any medical information without your specific written authorization to do so.

Your information will not be shared with the Union Pacific Railroad or any other entity without your express written permission.

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