Union Pacific Railroad Employes Health Systems

Union Pacific Railroad Employes Health Systems (UPREHS) is a not-for –profit group dedicated to serving the needs of our members and providing superior service and benefits. Coverage may be extended beyond employment through retirement and Medicare Plan services.

UPREHS strives to keep pace with the ever-changing technology of the health care industry and the medical needs of our members. Serving the needs of our members and providing superior services is the top priority of Union Pacific Employes Health Systems. We provide an extensive network of hospitals, physicians and other health care professionals to care for our membership throughout the United States. Our pharmacy services include Depot Drug, our self-owned mail order pharmacy service, and access to a national network of retail pharmacies to fill our members’ urgent prescriptions.

Following a century long tradition of medical care for Railroaders, UPREHS has been serving Railroad employees since 1947. Freedom to choose providers, quality care, first class service and the security of knowing that we are here for our members. This is the hallmark of UPREHS. We look forward to providing committed service to fellow Union members for many years to come just as it has been for over a century.

Our philosophy is simple: UPREHS. Plan for Life.

UPREHS History in Brief

As a ribbon of steel was being forged to tie America together, Union Pacific Railroad organized its Medical Department to care for workers who fell ill or were injured on the job. Wherever the workers went, doctors and nurses followed. Railroad hospitals and clinics were established along the rail route in places where some workers had never been treated by a medical doctor.

By 1947, the Medical Department had separated from the Union Pacific Railroad to eventually become the Union Pacific Railroad Employes Health Systems, which was governed by the union employees.

From the beginning, UPREHS has been a pioneer, introducing new concepts and programs to improve the quality of life for its members. Innovations include railroad clinics, pharmacies and a mail-order pharmacy (DEPOT DRUG).

Today, railroad workers and retirees in more than 30 states count on UPREHS for the highest quality medical network and claims service available. Quality care and first class service has been the tradition of the Union Pacific Railroad Employes Health Systems for well over a century.

UPREHS is the original model for today’s health care networks and continues to be the leader in its industry.

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